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    Content of education

    Not sure of the right term that's why I decided first to ask here and then to google.

    At the moment I'm working on my dissertation (media component of education) and I'd likу to learn more about my foreign colleagues' experience in this field.

    What I'm looking for is a correct term (along with notable works) for what in Russia is called "Content of education".

    Content of education is an category in language teaching which describes "what to teach" including language material (linguistic component), skills (methodological component) and emotional motivation (psychological component).

    So, my question is the following:

    What is the correct term for what I've described above and what are the most notable works on this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Young democracies

    Please, check if the following passage is grammatically correct. Thanks!

    **This is a translated passage. It is neither intended to express a political opinion nor start a political discussion. I'm just interested in the language. **

    The Western democratic pattern is based on the rule that everyone – individuals and groups – accepts in advance not to take violent measures and settle disputes and conflicts in legitimate and nonviolent ways. The player is the individual who goes to the ballot-box and votes out of his free will and not under pressure put on him by his family. Yet eliminating the tribal structure and canceling its role within a short period is an impossible mission. Therefore, young democracies should enable traditional structures whether they are ethnic, tribal, religious or sectarian, to be represented within the young democratic system. That, of course, will force the democracy to struggle for its legitimacy and survivability against veteran and traditional structures which are strong and legitimate and sometimes even violent.

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