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    Smile difficult to learn vocabulary

    I actualy feel difficult to learn new words, I tried to learn them carefully and sure that I remember all of them at that time. But about three days later, I forgot it. Please help me the good way to do it easier.

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    Re: difficult to learn vocabulary

    How many are you trying to learn? Don't try to learn huge lists of words- it's very difficult for most people. Try to learn a few words and then practise using them. If you don't use a word, it's easy to forget it. Recycle the words over a period of days and that way they'll sink into long term memory. When you try to learn a lot of words in a short period of time, they tend to go into short term memory, so they are quickly forgotten.

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    Talking Re: difficult to learn vocabulary

    yaibagao, I know what you mean . I`m attempting to learn German, and have found that it`s easier to concentrate on phrases & sentences rather than trying to memorize lots of separate words. You can then resort to your dictionary to "fill in the gap(s)" if you don`t know or can`t remember the meaning of a certain word (or words) within a sentence.

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    Smile Re: difficult to learn vocabulary

    thanks for your help very much

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