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Thread: End In/With

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    Post End In/With

    1 "The project ended with a failure."
    2 "The project ended in a failure."

    Does 1 mean the project turned into a failure, and 2 mean the project ended during a failure?

    3 "The project began with personnel changes."
    4 "The project began in personnel changes."

    Does 3 mean the project got started by firing and hiring people, and 4 mean the project ended during personnel changes?

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    Re: End In/With

    (Not a Teacher)

    1 suggests that there was a specific failure that ended the project, but overall, 1 & 2 mean the same thing. Also note that it's more common to say "The project ended in failure." with the 'a' being omitted.

    You're assessment of 3 is correct. 4 doesn't make sense.

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