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    Re: I want help on my cv Experience

    Quote Originally Posted by jhone View Post
    ahhhhhhhhhhhha Okay thank you for your notification.

    Oh yes, sorry, the correct word is "taught" insted of "thought", isn't it?

    And is it fine to write my experience in this words order?????

    And can I write my training during my studying in university?[STRIKE]??[/STRIKE] or it is not acceptable in a CV form?
    As I said in my first post, look at your use of capital letters. Every sentence must start with a capital letter and every sentence must end with the relevant punctuation mark.

    I would write it as follows:


    Taught grades 5-8 from 26 February 2012 to 14th April 2012, at T***** School
    Taught grades 5-7 from 4th April 2012 to 28th April 2012, at T***** School

    In my opinion, if your teacher training while you were at university is relevant to the jobs you are likely to apply for, then include it on your CV.

    Note that we just call it a CV, or a Curriculum Vitae, not a CV form.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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    Re: I want help on my cv Experience

    ith work difficulities.
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