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Thread: at its edges?

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    Talking at its edges?

    the following sentences are about the Amazone rainforst which is being destroyed. But I don't understand the meaning exactly. can you rephrase them for me? Thanks in advance.
    If the rain forest desappears, the process will begin at its edges. while the Amazon forest, as a whole, generates roughly half of its own moisture, the percentage is much higher in thease western states, far from the Atlantic.
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    Re: at its edges?

    The disappearance starts from the outside border and moves inwards. The forest generates its own water- much of the cycle of rain is produced by the forest itself, so if the forest is cut down or thinned excessively, the moisture does not move through the forest and desertification occurs. In the west, a long way away from the moisture of the ocean, the forest is more dependent on its own water supply.

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