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Thread: Passive voice

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    Passive voice

    Could someone help me clarify my understanding of passive voice with these statements...

    I want to contrast the voice in the two sentences
    • I can get someone to train my dog.
    • I can get my dog trained by someone.

    In both cases, we have a main structure of the subject [I], the verb [can get], and then a clause. This is active voice.

    However, each clause in a different voice. The first clause is active because the subject of the clause performs the action. In the second clause [my dog trained by someone], the subject of the clause [my dog] receives the action (of being trained).

    So, the second sentence is in active voice, with a clause in passive voice. Is this the right way to understand this situation? If not, what is a better way?

    Finally, is the second sentence active voice or passive voice, and why?

    [not a professional teacher - but teaching...]
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