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What is the contribution of computer in the world of business?

Computer is undoubtly one of the humankind's greatest invention. In today's world computer is being used in the field of business, a powerful instrument that aid individuals in many ways. In this essay I would like to enumerate some of the gifts of computer in the business industries.

Everybody knows that computers has a great impact on the daily lives of people,even in livelihood industries it has helped not only employees but also consumers who avail products and services offered by these establishments. This can be best described by a worker like cashier in a supermarket, where large quantities of products are bought by a purchaser ,prices are registered to the computer and this device performs all the computations, thus making everything faster and easier.

Furthermore computer with the help of internet can assist dealers and buyers though online selling and buying therefore, saving time and money. In addition computer application in business brings dramatic changes over the past decades, enhancing the market environment hence meeting the demand of every client.

In short,computers has brought an enormous change in the business domain and as a result there is a higher productivity and proceeds.