Topic: Teachers are responsible for motivating students to learn

Should teachers have responsibilities to motivate their students to learn? I believe that students should be self-motivated to learn for the following reasons.

In our society, the progress of technologies and the rapid growth of economy require students to learn for their whole lives. The knowledge that we can study from universities or schools is far from enough to handle issues of our work and lives. For people who are quick learners, they improve themselves daily. Nevertheless, for people who are less motivated to learn and unwilling to study, they fail in their lives and work. Sadly, their teachers can not always be around them to motivate them and to lift their spirits. The job of motivating thus leaves for students themselves. Teachers become a guider not a cheer leader to our studies.

Students should truly love to learn from their hearts, instead of having motivated or being pushed by their teachers. For example, there was an interview of a group of intellect students. They were asked: why can they achieve so many academic successes? Why are they always eager to study more? The answers were always that they were interested in studying and liked to understand more. None of them said that there were teachers who motivate them and asked them to work harder everyday.

Admittedly, some people may claim that the motivation from teachers has positive impacts on their students. However, one study shows that for students who are older than 14 years old, consistently motivations from their teachers make students less willing to learn. This is because students can become resistant to do things which they are pushed to do.

In sum, it is not teachers' responsibilities to motivate students to learn. Learning is a task of the students. Real loving of learning and consistent of learning can create a life time success and happiness for the students.