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    Question hello!

    Hello. Please, i have 2 questions :
    1- why it's wrong to say "Tim's over" in speech while it's right to say"Tim's up"? what is the difference in meening between them?
    2- There is a weird phrase that was said in a movie which is "Lord of the Rings" part (1) and the phrase is "I see what you did saw" how can this sentece grammatically be right? Why did the character of the movie said it this way? please explaine it!

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    Re: hello!

    1- 'Tom's over' is possible- if Tim's visiting my house and someone rings me I could use it to say he was visiting. It can't be used to mean the same as 'Tim's up', which means he's out of bed.
    2- It doesn't sound right to me. It should be 'you did' or, possibly, 'you did see', but 'did saw' doesn't work. Which character was it? It could be a deliberate mistake to suggest that the character did was not a native speaker.


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