Your Voice, Your Community is a project managed by Elevate African Development Initiative (eAfricDev) that help rural communities in Africa develop and sustain their own community-run website. The concept of Your Voice, Your Community project was driven by the idea to connect those in rural local communities and diaspora together on the net so people could share visions, thoughts and concerns about their communities. Thus, Your Voice, Your community is a framework for virtual community life without borders.

We work through a community development approach using community-run blogsite, local digital media to build community social capital, grow democratic engagement and increase the capacity of communities to work as more active agents in partnership with local councils.
1. It help to raise and debate local issues transparently and provide a channel and encouragement for people to get involved in civic and community issues.
2. It allow rural villagers to share information and mobilize around causes that are important to them.
3. They also allow people to communicate in their local languages.
4. It can help preserve the cultural heritage of communities for future generations.
5. It serves to enhance the sense of belonging, democratic influence, neighbourliness and involvement in their communities.
6. It is an effective tools for engaging with rural populace and delivering service