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    The Earth is all that lasts

    What does this mean, and what is the origin of this? If you know...

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    Re: The Earth is all that lasts

    It's not an expression that I am familiar with, but it suggests that all that we make or do will not last a long time.

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    Re: The Earth is all that lasts

    When a couple of literate English-speakers say "Well, I'm not familiar with it" -- it's most likely NOT an idiom. Even though they can easily divine its meaning.

    You could use it, and people will certaily get your drift, but you'll get funny looks nonetheless for your neology.

    There are innumerable idioms that you could coin. But, Try instead to find ones that people actually use, such as:

    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

    Life's but a walking shadow (you can find out how literate your hearer is with this )

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