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    'cis lesbian' and 'touching cloth' - advice please

    1. Cis lesbian

    Note to Moderator: The search engine failed to find ‘cotton ceiling’; and ‘cis lesbian’ returned a slew of results, only one among those I checked even containing the word ‘lesbian’ (with no ‘cis’) and most clearly irrelevant.

    Definition of 'Cotton Ceiling' in English Slang: The cotton ceiling is a limit seen by trans women, where cis lesbians will support their cause but will not sleep with them.

    The wonderful Urban Dictionary gives ‘cis’ in this context as
    “Short for "cisgender" (opposite of "transgender"), used to describe someone whose gender identity matches their anatomical gender at birth.” (And this perhaps ought to be incorporated into the English slang section on this website)

    Query: is 'cis' in the definition of 'cotton ceiling' in Using English a legitimate use of ‘cis’: someone born a man could reasonably claim to love women. I suspect that the definer got carried away by ‘trans’, and meant ‘cissexual lesbians’, but I am not very familiar with its usage and am willing to be corrected.

    2. Touching cloth

    In The Guardian (Review p. 11, 14aug12) this is defined as “a euphemism for needing a poo”. Is this definition (itself surely a euphemism ? – and I have the feeling that English Slang on this website is rather light on defaecation though quite strong on copulation) correct ? And does anyone know how the phrase arose, please ?

    Many thanks, OG
    P.S. I did have a couple of links in here, but am too junior to be allowed them - sorry not to be more help.
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