Task comes from the book: Grammar for CAE and Proficiency

The editor of your college/workplace newsletter sent you this note:

Would you like to do a review for the magazine of a couple of DVDs that you've seen recently? Take two of the same genre (e.g. comedy, thriller, documentary). Say what the films are about, and why you liked them and would recommend them. Also say what makes them different.

Let me know what you think!


Write your review of the DVDs you have chosen in 220-260 words.

Two films I have seen recently, ‘Fish Tank’ and ‘Shame’, can be classified as psychological dramas. They both star Michael Fassbender.
‘Shame’, in which Michael Fassbender plays the main role, is a captivating yet painful picture of a New Yorker leading a disordered life of a sex addict. The film has a compelling atmosphere throughout and a catchy soundtrack. The role of the main character’s sister was also well played. I found the scene when she sings a song beautiful and hypnotizing. Their relationship was very disturbing and the scene with their face-to-face argument they had on the couch was thrilling.
‘Fish Tank’ takes us to quite a different place. The action of the film takes place in contemporary Britain. It tells a story of a neglected teenage girl brought up in fatherless, low-class family. The main character was brilliantly portrayed by a young actress Katie Jarvis. Throughout the film I could really indentify with her feelings and felt pity for her.
Both of these films have a lot in common. There is something very poignant and disturbing, even heartbreaking about them. They have scenes that are really graphic and can be a real shock to some viewers. They tell of the loneliness, exploitation, lack of purpose and values, and spiritual confusion of a contemporary man. They convey a message that a lack of love and virtues leads a man astray and brings about bad things. They both have something mesmerizing that makes you want to watch them again.

I am a very poor film critic as you can see;)