Can you please help me fill in the appraisal table??/

Cl Appraisal Token Inscribe or Invoked? Type of Appraisal Appraised Appraiser Engagement Graduation
Inscribe Invoked Affect Judgement Appreciation
1 A year ago I launched a book Inscribed +Capacity Book Kirby
1.1 [[That Changed my life]] Life Changing: i.e. emotional reaction to slaughtering Book launched Kirby
2 It was animal law in Australasia +Sanction: Propreity
3 After reading it I + Book Kirby
4 I Immediately ceased eating meat Inscribed Ceased eating meat, i.e. traumatized by the slaughtering Diet Kirby
5 For more than a year, I have eaten neither fish nor fowl Inscribed - Diet Kirby
6 My diet is vegetarian, with a little fish - Diet Kirby
7 After nearly 70 years as a carnivore, Invoked - Kirby
7 this was a big change Inscribed +
7 in my habits Inscribed -
7 and eating pleasures Invoked +
8 My partner Johan van Vloten, told friends Inscribed +
9 Itís another fad Inscribed -
10 Heíll get over it Invoked -
11 But I have not inscribed -
12 And will not Inscribed -
13 The book contained too much information Inscribed -
14 I could no longer pretend Invoked -
15 I did not know Invoked
15.1 [[how sentient animals were slaughtered]] Inscribed -
16 No longer could I trick my mind -
17 Into believing E
18 That meat and chicken pieces
18.1 [[ so neatly wrapped in plastic or beautifully served on white plate]] were the impersonal products of sterile, clean, supermarkets I
19 I was distressed at my earlier indifference and indirect participation in a huge industy of corporatized killing of sentient creatures I
20 In the growing human enlightenment on animal welfare law much is owed to the writing of that distinguished Australian philosopher peter singer