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    change of life

    Our life can be changed through a little time during our life. The event which may convert our feature totally. In very odd or so simple ways. Some years ago, during one of a strange night, I was offered to go to abroad in order study there. It changed my routine life absolutely. The first affect was refusing to go to university after one year permanent attempting and gained a engineering course, “industry engineer”. My dreams and my family asking lead to many events. Then I went and try to study there alone and in bad spiritual conditions. Then I came to visit my family for short time, however, another night was helpful to change my way distinctly. Furthermore I never came back there to continue my study and I drop off any thing there. Be careful about omen or strange nights around you!!!

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    Re: change of life

    I wouldn't say 'change our feature'- this tends to be used for the physical apsects of the face. I'd use something like 'viewpoint'.

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