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    .I believe it is important to invest in new machinery rather than to increase wages.
    .I believe it is important to invest in new machinery rather than increase(increasing) wages.

    .We ought to check up, rather than just accept(accepting) what he says.

    .Rather than stay(staying) awake, I would like to go bed now.

    .Rather than get(getting) lost, we'll take a map with us.

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    Re: rather


    A rule of thumb that I have found to be true: do not post too many sentences or questions in one thread. This may be one of the reasons why your thread has not been adressed. People are much more likely to respond if you limit yourself to two sentences or one question.

    Sentences 5 - 10 are basically the same. Your problem is, as I understand it, whether "rather than" should be followed by a gerund or a bare infinitive? In my opinion, "rather than" can be followed by both a bare infinitive and a gerund, but there may be a difference in meaning.

    Rather than face my responsbilites, I ran away.
    Rather than facing my responsbilites, I ran away.

    In my opinion both are possible and there is no difference in meaning.

    But if you use a gerund first, the second verb should also be a gerund.

    I prefer staying home rather than going out.
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