Dear teacher,
This`s my first experience of publishing here my essay.
Could you check it, please, and correct every mistake/ Also, if you can, give me advice, which sentenced isn`t clear for native speakers.
And also, could you correct me punctuation mistakes?

The theme: How does internet and social networks influence on our life.
1) State problem
2) Express my personal opinion + 2-3 reasons for it
3)Express other opinion + 1-2 reasons for it
4)Explain why I don`t agree
5) Make a conclusion.

Nowadays some people entirely believe that social networks are the main evil in the world now others sure that the internet only helps them in their everyday life.
First and foremost, I`m full sure that I ought to explain to everybody why world wide web and especially social networks can destroy our personality. In my opinion, teenagers prefer having a chat rather than doing exercises and keeping fit. Furthermore, most of users don`t have a healthy appetite. They`d better have a square meal once a day that compose one more message. Teens lock themselves away for hours in front of computer and do their homework. Moreover, they let their parents down with their marks. It`ll be the cause of not getting tertiary education. By and large, they won`t be able to find well-paid job.
However, somebody says that the internet gives great opportunity for studying. I know this conventional wisdom and consider t it`s not sensible counter-argument whether you don`t live in the capital of your country, because if it`s so, you don`t need the internet to have good teachers. Also it`s said that social network can widen teens` outlook. I`m bitterly disappointed when they think so, because there is violence and crime on every site. I believe on no account this point of view be accepted. And what`s more, hackers are on the verge of creating new ways of fraud between net surfers.
To sum up, I`d like to say that I certainly can change my mind during my life. Nevertheless, now I`m sure that social networks must be crossed out from our everyday schedule, even so, somebody can`t do without them. It`s highly unlikely I`ll surf them some day.