I'm taking the TOEFL in October, 06. This is my first essay to train for it. Please, provide some feedback about my writing! Thanks

Some people say that Internet provides people with a lot of valuable information. Others think access to so much information creates problems. Which view do you agree with?

Currently, the Internet is a dominant force in the lives of almost every person in the world and it is already the most accessed type of media. It has the power to bring information and knowledge to everyone in almost every part of the globe. The speed and easiness which information, technology and opinions flows through the Internet represents a great advance in the modern society.

Nowadays, people don't need to get out of their houses to buy a product, a newspaper, food or anything; they don't need to get to a computer to access their data or to consult a website. All that can be done from almost any place, any time. Internet has become embedded in many different kinds of products, like cell phones, tablets, e-book readers, TVs, video-games; and we even have the option to search for what suites us the most with great ease. The Internet has brought the world the convenience to discover, learn and do so many things with much less effort.

The World Wide Web was originally invented by DARPA, so scientists could exchange information about their recent discoveries faster, and thus to make their researches easier. Since them, information has traveled a lot faster. Before the invention of the Internet, people could only know about something after it happened, sometimes after weeks; now, we can be informed about something right when it happens or even when it is happening. We have information and knowledge in our hands, we have the power to prevent something from happening by reading studies and researches based on different points of views that are easily shared and accessed by everyone.

Since its invention, the Internet has become a very popular tool to society. It is available almost anywhere and can be used to do a great variety of useful things that would only be done with much more effort and time without it. It also presents a great source of information, not because everything in it is reliable, but because anyone can write what they know about a subject or their opinions on it. Although those informations can be very misleading, if one knows how to interpret them and where to look, it can be a very powerful tool.