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    Tom, (who is)....

    Hello, I have been helped by a lot of great people here so far. That's why I have been thankful and I will never
    forget what I have gotten from you. Thank you again. And I really would like to get out of this confusion which has bothered me for a long time. Would you help me out again.

    Tom, who is staying here, is my friend. Can I omit 'who is' here? like "London, (which is) located on the River Thames, is the capital of England."

    If you do not like the first example, you could take another example you want, but my point is whether we could omit the 'who is' or 'which is' in the sentences like the first. I am so confused now because I have heard that the omission of the which is in the second is totally natural or in something like "Tom, (who is) an English teacher in England is....

    I know that I am dragging this question out on and on but I feel like this is the last question about this. Please help me out and give me your opinions. Thank you so much as usual

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    Re: Tom, (who is)....

    You could, but it's a bit abrupt. Spoken it would actually be easier to say "who is" or "who's" than it is to pause and interject the phrase "staying here" into the sentence.

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