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    Over the past years, economic crisis has been affecting many countries globally, thus contributing to financial problems to some people in the society. Consumers tend to be more practical when it comes to food preference to fit their budget. To meet the consumers' demand, some companies use artificial procedures in manufacturing commercial food products. However, this process may endanger public's health. Whether this process should continue is a question that requires consideration.

    Some companies are able to produce less expensive food products by using artificial enhancers to grow food and vegetables and process them using high end machineries and equipment. It increases the quantity and distribution of the food products in the market in a short period of time. To increase the return of profits, some companies offer these products in large quantities but affordable for the buyers. Nowadays, food products packed in twos or more are popular in the supermarket, such as canned fruits and vegetables, instant noodles and canned ready meals. These processed foods contains ingredients that prolongs shelf life. As a result, some consumers tend to stock up more of these products in their cupboards and include them in their daily diet.

    However, as people are becoming more practical in buying food, they are becoming less conscious on the quality of the food products they procure. Some buyers does not consider the importance of reading the content of the food they buy. More often, inexpensive food products are composed of chemicals that could alter the body system resulting to health impairment. For instance, according to some research, too much preservatives in the body from consumed processed food could lead to detrimental disease such as cancer. Sodium, is a common ingredient of instant noodles, if taken more than what the body needs could result to kidney and heart problems.

    Moreover, a healthy lifestyle is essential to each individual. People would benefit more from eating freshly cooked food rather than eating convenience food. Fresh food contains all natural vitamins and minerals that would improve ones health and maintain balance diet. Organic food, for instance, is becoming more popular to some people because the methods of growing and processing this food are naturally done, therefore it is free from harmful contents.

    In conclusion,despite of the financial problems that some people are experiencing, it is important that people should consider the vital benefits of the food they choose to buy. Some products may be cheap but may be harmful to the body leading to more costly and unhealthy lifestyle.
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