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    imagine what's next

    What does the following in red in the context?

    ... our perspective shapes our reality. The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself. So while the Bible offers a warning, it's helpful to remember that the inverse is also true: where there is a vision, the people flourish. The impossible becomes the possible. And abundance for all becomes imagine what's next.

    Is this saying abundance for all is a matter of our imagination? It depends on how much we can imagine? Abundance for all will be realized as we imagine?

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    Re: imagine what's next

    That's more or less the meaning. If, some years ago, a couple of men did not have the imagination to see that computers would be wanted by most people - Apple Computer would never have been formed. If a country wants clean water, they first have to imagine how this can be accompolished. After working on the problem of getting clean water to all of the people for some time, the task of getting clean water becomes more and more possible. Another way of saying this is - first there has to be the vision, then the work, and, finally, the end result.

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