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    two sides of digital IQ divide

    Please explain the following in red more easily.

    Strong AI brings the possibility of computers with intelligence superior to that of humans, meaning that even the creative jobs that remains for us humans may soon be in jeopardy. ... there is a fear that if we are enslaved by our our descendant machines, we will be forced to do things we like less than what we are doing now... In an age of abundance, where we are increasingly exploiting cheaper and cheaper ways of creating and modeling the world around us (virtual reality or nanotech, for example), is there really anything we could do to help the machines, even if we are left behind as their ancestors? I would suggest that the most likely outcome is that even if we are faced with smarter machines than us being a part of our lives, we may exist on two sides of a sort of digital IQ divide, with our lives being relatively unaffected.

    Thank you.

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    Re: two sides of digital IQ divide

    I think it's impossible to explain that. The author has given us too less information to guess what he means. We can only speculate.

    What is a "digital IQ"?
    What is divided?
    How can one exist on two sides?
    What sides?

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