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    word formation processes?

    I need some help to identify all processes of word formation that were used in the coining of the following lexemes:

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    Re: word formation processes?

    Quote Originally Posted by kawkab2007 View Post
    2)doosra, n.: I think here the Borrowing process is used. This lexeme is borrowed from the Pakistan language [=Urdu].
    See Definition of doosra | Collins English Dictionary (note that the usage is between inverted commas sometimes, so some speakers do not consider it an "adopted" word yet.)

    3) munter, n.: I have no idea how this lexeme is created.

    4)weblogger, n.:
    a) Conversion: log, n. > log, v.
    b) Synthetic compound: web, n. + log, v. + -er (Suffix)

    an you help me please, or say tell me if my solutions are correct?
    Please be aware that I'm neither a native English speaker nor a teacher.

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