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    Gen 3 Ramp

    The following is the title of a graph.

    PV (photovoltaic) Cost Reduction Road Map (2007-2014)

    The graph shows "the continued and projected decrease in the cost per watt ($/W) for PV panels." No more explanation.
    The X axis shows $/W, and Y axis represents Q407 / Q408 / Q409..., and I don't know what this Q means.

    And there is this expression on the graph: Gen 3 Ramp.

    Does Gen 3 refer to 3 Generation? And what is Ramp?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Gen 3 Ramp

    -not a teacher-

    I found a presentation which is probably the source of your graph (silde #34 in this pdf)

    Q407 means 4th quarter of the year 2007. Q408..4th quarter of 2008 and so on.

    But I have no Idea what a "Gen 3 Ramp" is.
    Please keep in mind that I'm neither a teacher nor a native English speaker.

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