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    over three months

    Fares can fluctuate significantly in just a few hours. One Delta flight from New York to Los Angeles jumped from $755 to $1,143 from a Friday to Saturday in late April, then fell to $718 on Sunday.

    The flight was one of the dozen the Associated Press followed over three months for a vacation between July 16 and 22. The number one finding: avoid booking tickets on weekends. It's the most expensive time to buy.

    My question: How can "over three months" agree with " between July 16 and 22" when the time gap between July 16 and 22 is just 7 days?

    Am I wrong in understanding the sentence?



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    Re: over three months

    The Associated Press checked the prices of a dozen different flights for three months. They were interested in a flight that flew to a destination on July 16 and a return flight on July 22. There is no way of telling when they started checking the prices for this trip. All we know is that checked prices for a three month period.

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