Hi there,

I have successfully completed a TEFL course and am going to be teaching English to a variety of people in my village in France. There will be between five and ten students in my class, I assume of mixed ability, and I will be teaching them for one hour per week.

My intention is to begin with a simple assessment of their level in English and then begin from the beginning for the absolute beginners! I would imagine that a lot of you have been in this situation before and so I would greatly appreciate some advice on how to assess their level and where to start. My thoughts are to begin with greetings, hello, welcome, 'my name is...' etc swiftly moving on to 'to be', 'to have' and 'to go'. Am I on the right track?

I have read several posts on here and there seems to be a slight negativity to newbies jumping in at the deep end, I appreciate this may seem folly to experienced teachers but I guess we all have to start somewhere. Thanking you in anticipation.....