Good morning, I'm new here and was brought by a Google search. And I thought that I might ask for your opinion of my writing style. So, well you please? My native language is Arabic but I love English and want to improve it.

[Loneliness is priceless. Not a word is worth saying, but at the end of the day you have to spend these waste products on paper. I am a useless person, purposeless, empty and fake, and I'm not the only one. I wake up after a 3 hours long sleep, and I never make a single move until it's too late to make one. I eat one meal every 24 hours, always drowsy and can barely go to sleep. I keep thinking, and when I do; I do it just for thinking. No purpose at all.

One of the things I think about is how unrealistic I am. Well, am I unrealistic? I don't even believe you exist at all, do you? I have a heart filled with doubt not fear, and I seem to be utterly confused about it. I thought about you once, my heart stopped and my breathe went heavy, but then I forgot who you are, and then I didn't care. I keep seeing you in my dreams however. Dry, warm, vivid and -sometimes- quite happy dreams with an awesome architecture. I see your face in every feminine face and I keep thinking about all the mess that lies behind your so angelic grace.

Forgive my psychological interests your majesty, but when I look into those eyes of yours I go beyond eyes and facial expressions, your face is art, and when I look at it I can't help but feel... mentally reinvigorated.

I have a strong strictly inhibited tendency for writing inappropriate things.

And I have a so damn strong memory, it's so strong it can move borders and smash rocks, and I remember you very well. I can summon a so long tape of memory and get it to play right before my eyes just to see your eyes, I remember you very well. Sadly, it's now that I understood the feeling that stood weakly in your heart as before me you stood. Sadly, it's only now that I can feel the fragility of your tears as before me they broke. And I'm sorry even though I know you're not.]

Thank you.