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Thread: grade my essay

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    grade my essay


    Family is the community of the people living together by ties of marriage, blood and adoption.
    Type of the families are nuclear family, extended family and other type of families. (polygamic families, non-married couples, etc.)
    Loyalt, respect and to love each other are necessary for an ideal family, between couples. Children are the happiness for parents.
    Well-educated family members are very important for healty and long time marriages.
    Children of the extended families generally feel not alone. If the relationships in the extended families are strong, we can say that these kind of families are ideal for the children. However, children and also other members can feel more independent in the nuclear type families.
    Violence is one of the most negative factor threatening the family. It appears mostly in uneducated families. First women and then children are the targets of the violence. States should do their best to save these people and to implement programmes to minimize the violence in the family.

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    Re: grade my essay

    You are on the right path Iskender,
    you just need to concentrate on grammar issues such as agreement.Also, using cumulative syntax can embellish your writing and make it catchy.
    It is a good idea that you review writing before and after

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