Need help to understand what exact words do these video people say. I can hear the sounds, but I don't understand the exact words from their mouth.

video #1

youtube dot com/watch?v=RjRcYI21Oew&feature=relmfu
Sorry I can't post the actual link on this forum. you can go to Youtube website, and copy "/watch?v=RjRcYI21Oew&feature=relmfu" and add it after ".com"

On 1:17-1:22. This guy says something about "Toy the two canon pinky the picklet, poor pinkey never saw coming." that's my guess. Not sure that's the exact words.

Video # 2

youtube dot com/watch?v=-8feILs-2YQ

Copy and add /watch?v=-8feILs-2YQ after ".com"

on 00:33-00:34. "our amazing car rick" My guess is "car rick" = "car trick" If not, what is "car rick"

on 04:45-04:46 "what happen to my racer screw" That's what I hear "racer screw" Please correct me on this.

Any help will great.

Thank you so much