“Erosion of Beach sand along the shores of Tria Island is a serious threat to our island and our tourist industry. In order to stop the erosion, we should charge people for using the beaches. Although this solution may annoy a few tourists in the short term, it will raise money for replenishing the sand. Replenishing the sand, as done to protect buildings on the nearby island of Batia, will help protect buildings along or shores, thereby reducing these buildings’ risk of additional damage from severe storms. And since beaches and buildings in the area will be preserved, Tria’s tourist industry will improve over the long term.”

The Author of this argument postulates that by charging the peoples for using their beaches, they can replenish the Beach sand of Tria Island. It will raise money for their solution of erosion of beach sand and subsequently protect the buildings along sea shore forms the basis for author’s belief. But the argument flawed for a few of reasons.
To begin with, the author has not stated anything regarding the reason of erosion of beach sand. There may be the reason of strong wind storm and high tides which causes erosion for some short period. It is possible that if the cause is short term then the government should provide maintenance to it instead of charging tourists. Eventually, he says by replenishing the sand it protect buildings. There is no logic behind charging tourists for the protection of buildings. Government should take care of the maintenance of buildings nearby shore. Tourists are not here to pay for that.
Moreover, Tria tourist industry should render other attractions on the site, to recover the amount of replenishing of sand. Otherwise if the authority keeps on charging tourists, it will degrade the amount.
Finally, if the tourism affects the economy will also get down and will lead to the slow growth rate. Thus, this will become more problematic for them rather than the issue of beach.
To conclude I’d assert that the author’s argument is not based on sound reasoning. It is much easier to apply the new rule but it’s difficult to face the results. The Tria’s tourist’s authority should take the responsibility of Tria beach in spite of charging tourists and the peoples leaving on the sea shore should look forward for their buildings, it would have strengthened the argument and would rendered it much more credible.