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    what is the language for the Mars ?

    there is a word "japanese" for japan,a word "chinese" for china.
    so is there a word for the mars to indicate the language of it ?

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    Re: what is the language for the Mars ?

    Quote Originally Posted by zzzusi View Post
    There is a word "Japanese" for Japan, a word "Chinese" for China, so is there a word for the Mars to indicate the language of it?
    Those who believe that some life form lives on Mars, and that that life form can speak, would, I believe, say that they speak Martian.

    That appears to be the accepted word for both the "people" (Martians) and the language (Martian).

    Of course, since there is no evidence that there is life on Mars, we don't really need a word for the language.

    Please remember to capitalise the first letter of each sentence, and also of proper nouns (Japanese, Chinese, China etc). You do not need to put a space before a question mark.
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