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    work one┤way through

    Please clarify:

    "You have patiently WORKED OUT YOUR WAY through these pages..."


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    Re: work one┤way through

    patiently worked out your way through these pages c

    consider that these pages contain difficult excercises, then this sentence means that you took your time and stayed calm to figger out what the right solution was. You managed to come up with the solution(s) although that the excercises were difficult by staying calm and focused

    patience litteraly means -> good-natured tolerance of delay or incompetence

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    Re: work one┤way through

    If you have worked your way through, then you have started at the neginning and gone to the end, as Johan says. If you have worked out your way through, you have esigned a route through the work, which is slightly different and sounds a rather unusual sentence.

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