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    Question what is the difference between Exist and Exists

    What is the difference between the words Exist and Exists? When should we use "Exist" and when to use "Exists". Please provide me some examples with those words.

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    Welcome to the forums premanand!

    The infinitive verb "to exist" is conjugated as follows:

    I exist/we exist
    you exist/you all exist
    he exists/they exist
    she exists/they exist
    it exists/they exist

    As you can see, in English, it is usually the third person singular that puts a final "s" on the verb. The other conjugations leave it off.

    I live/we live
    you live/you all live
    he lives/they live
    she lives/they live
    it lives/they live

    I run/we run
    you run/you all run
    he runs/they run

    I cook/we cook
    you cook/you cook
    he cooks/they cook

    I eat/we eat
    you eat/you eat
    he eats/they eat

    We do have irregular verbs that conjugate differently, and still it is the third person singular which is the odd conjugation.

    I go/we go
    you go/you go
    he goes/they go

    I do/we do
    you do/you all do
    she does/they do

    I have/we have
    you have/you have
    it has/they have

    Do you see the pattern? In some of the second person plural conjugations I wrote "you all" to indicate that it is a plural. The fact is that when talking to a group of people you can either say, "You all are to go to . . ." or "You are to go to . . ." The "all" can be used or omitted. It's personal preference.

    Have a pleasant day!
    Sweet Momma Sue

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    Re: what is the difference between Exist and Exists

    Thank you very much for your reply. The examples were really useful for me.

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