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    keeping the end game in sight

    He says the episode shows “India has the ability to get a big, troubled firm back on track,” and yields some general lessons about corporate survival …… The last lesson is about the importance of keeping the end-game in sight. Mr Karnik recalls that, within weeks of the collapse, government types suggested that the firm might stay independent after all. “I said it was like a vegetable—if you delay selling, the price will go down. If you leave it too long you’ll have to pay someone to take it away.”

    What do "keeping the end-game in sight" and "stay independent after all" mean in the above paragraph?



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    Re: keeping the end game in sight

    Quote Originally Posted by Jiayun View Post

    What do "keeping the end-game in sight" [end game - definition of end game by Macmillan Dictionary] and "stay independent after all" [IMO, it means that there was a chance that the firm may become state-owned due to its financial trouble, but that the "government types" said the firm might be allowd to continue operations without state intervention in hte end] mean in the above paragraph?


    Please be aware that I'm neither a native English speaker nor a teacher.

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