Hi every body! I have to write the essay for homework. The topic is: The best thing you want to do at the weekend.
I'm very confused and can you help me to edit and give your estimation for my work? I'm very grateful. And if you can, please give me marks.
Here is my essay:
You worked almost everyday in a week, and one day for relaxing and entertainment is very necessary. Sunday can be that day. How do you spend this day?
According to me, the first thing I’d like to do is getting up late. It’ll make you fresh and you ‘ll have more isspring to make a new plan, to have a new idea for a new week. And the second thing I really want to do is meeting the old and new friends to talk, to tell the interesting story or just about things which I did in last week. Because, you know, friends are the best one to share and you’ll feel comfortable, relaxable. And then, I’ll take the rest time for my dear brother. We’ll go to the cinema to watch the famous films, eat in the street to make him fatter.( He’s really a stick, I mean he’s very thin).This ‘ll be the most fanstatic because I don’t have to pay anything.
After this day, I think I’ll work better, more effective in a new week. And I wish every day was weekend.