Harpeș Gabriela, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Japanese-English Department, University of Bucharest

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to apply for Master’s Degree Programme in Intercultural Communication at Department-UNESCO Chair in intercultural and inter-religious exchanges, at University of Bucharest. I am very interested in this degree and I believe my strong academic background combined with my work experience will fulfill your requirements. My main goal for the application to this master degree is the improvement of my communication skills, not leaving aside cultural awareness.
My choice of graduate studies program is determined by a number of reasons and circumstances which make mentioned above program so appealing to me. First of all, I regard pursuing a degree in this field of studies thus will promote me both professionally and as a personality. I have been always passionate for foreign languages and intercultural communication, so during my highschool I studied foreign languages, especially English and French. Also, I have participated at several international competitions whose purpose was to improve my language skills and to integrate me in an intercultural environment. I won with my colleagues and our French teacher the 3rd place with our project “J’ai deux amours…ma ville et Paris” which was sent in France, I participated at the contest “ De la francophonie avant toute chose” and I attended the courses of “International Affaires”. During highschool, I have also studied Italian as an optional course for an year and I was volunteer at Red Cross. Foreign languages and cultures, intercultural communication fascinated me so much that by the time of my application for bachelor degree it was clear that Foreign Languages Department was my priority.
Secondly, after highschool I wanted to learn a different language, to know more about an exotic culture and its rules of communication. Therefore, I attended the courses of the Faculty of Foreign languages and cultures, Japanese-English Department, at University of Bucharest. For 3 years I studied Japanese and English languages and cultures and I had the opportunity to communicate with native Japanese speakers. Japanese communication patterns, like most Asians, can be baffling to Westerners. Americans are used to straight talk but Japanese people tend to use words as only part of the message. Other factors, such as silence, subtle body language, mood, tone, and intuition imply meaning to communication styles. The Japanese tend to be suspicious of words because they are more concerned with actions. They believe in using silence as a way of communicating, also that it is better to talk too little than too much. To sum up, during my college years I found out that each society has its own communication rules and studying intercultural communication became my further aim.
What is more, nowadays I’m working for a Swiss telecommunication provider based in Zurich. It has 2.8 million customers making it the second largest telecommunications company in Switzerland. I use French on a daily basis offering customer service regarding invoices and contracts.. I strongly believe that this master’s degree programme will be an excellent springboard for my future career and will provide me the knowledge, confidence, and contacts to realize my dreams because the courses of this program combines perfectly my professional projects and academic expectations.

Furthermore, studying Intercultural Communication I would have an opportunity to meet people from different cultural backgrounds, what is especially important regarding the specifics of the Degree program. I believe that knowledge and skills gained during the Master's studies will be very actual and applicable in my home country which is connected with other European countries both in economic and cultural spheres.
Of an exceptional motivation, I strongly imply myself in my academic and professional activities to carry out my objectives. My international experiences attest of my capacity of integration and adaptation. I had the pleasure to meet varied cultures and to affirm my intrapersonal ease. Opened to others, speaking three foreign languages in addition to my Romanian mother tongue (English, French, Japanese) I have a very strong desire to pursue a career in diplomatic relationships, thus allowing my blooming on the personal level as well as professional.
My main goal is to develop my aptitudes and improve them to a degree that would allow me to better understand the subtleties of the intercultural communication. I would very much like to achieve this through studying and following the Master´s Degree Programme in Intercultural Communication.

Thank you very much for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response.

Sincerely yours,

Harpeș Gabriela