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Thread: Allow, warrant

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    Allow, warrant

    "While some defense officials have raised the possibility of shrinking the force even more next year, if circumstances allow, the senior Army officer said Army planners were assuming that the number of American forces in Iraq would probably stay the same when the military begins its third one-year troop rotation in March 2005."

    "The charters, written by Congress, in most cases allow the secretary of the Treasury to lend the government-sponsored enterprises money if the situation warrants."

    "We have informed the Government of Iraq that we will continue to monitor carefully the treatment of its citizens, and that we remain prepared to take appropriate steps if the situation requires. To this end, an appropriate level of forces will be maintained in the region for as long as required by the situation in Iraq."

    According to dictionaries, the verbs "allow", "warrant", and "require" are transitive. So, shouldn't there be a direct object after those verbs"? Could these be errors?

    If these are correct English, does that mean I could write:

    "We will take action if the situation calls for."

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    Re: Allow, warrant

    (not a teacher)

    I think of phrases like this as having an unspoken but understood "it" at the end of them.
    However, "calls for" sounds odd to me without the "it".

    And yet, the sentence,"We'll do whatever the situation calls for."
    sounds perfectly fine.

    I wouldn't say that they're errors. This form is widely accepted as far as I can tell from my own
    experience. I couldn't cite a rule for you, though. This is simply how the language grew.
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    Re: Allow, warrant

    Thread started by a clone of a banned user.

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