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    Does "pregnant" has other meanings as adamant?

    I read this article from Allure Magazine. The article's title is "how to get a major haircut?"

    I once cut an actress's hair before she went on a talk show, and she wanted bangs. I tried to talk her out of them, but she was incredibly pregnant and incredibly adamant-so I cut bangs. She hated them and screamed that I made her look like a boy. The moral is never get a serious haircut when you're facing a big life change or before a major public appearance.

    I don't quite understand what does pregnant mean here? Thank you.

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    Re: Does "pregnant" has other meanings as adamant?

    Hi Regina,

    Actually, "pregnant" just means "pregnant" here, but by using the word in the context of these sentences, the author is implying that women in later stages of pregnancy are emotional (I didn't say it!). ;)

    The part about the actress being adamant means that she was insisting very strongly that she wanted bangs; the word "adamant" does not refer to her state of pregnancy (although the author has paired the actress's adamancy with her emotional state for effect).

    So basically what the author is saying is "...but she was incredibly pregnant [and emotional] and [was insisting very strongly that she wanted bangs]--so I [gave her] bangs [even though I thought it was a bad idea].

    The notes in brackets are my own words to help show the indirect but I believe intended meaning here. :)

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