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    complement or adverb?

    In the sentence "I regard Peter as patriotic/as a patriot", is "as patriotic/as a patriot" a complement to the object "Peter," or an adverb modifying the verb "regard"? Thank you very much.

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    Re: complement or adverb?

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    Hello, Maoyueh:

    1. What a coincidence. (Or is it?) I was recently doing some research for another thread when I found an article about a sentence similar to yours.

    2. One of my favorite books * says this: "An objective complement (my emphasis) with the introductory as is sometimes related in meaning to an adverbial element."

    a. Its example: "They regarded him as an honest man." The book claims that "as an honest man" shows "how they regarded him."

    b. The same book then gives this sentence: "He was regarded as a vagabond." It analyzes this sentence as:

    "He was regarded as a vagabond [is regarded]."

    3. Thus:

    a. I think that most people would consider " as a patriot" to be an objective complement of "Peter."

    b. But, if we accept that book's reasoning, "as a patriot" gives somewhat of an adverbial "flavor" to the sentence.

    That is, it explains HOW you regard Peter. Maybe that book would analyze it as:

    "I regard Peter as a patriot [is regarded].

    Sincerely yours,


    * English Review Grammar (1940) by Mr. Walter Kay Smart, pages 138 and 227.
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