People do many different things to stay healthy. What do you do for good health?

Health is the most miraculous gift which is granted to human beings by God the most merciful. Since creation humans have tried to protect themselves against illnesses and harms. As a matter of fact, ancient inhabitants of earth had accustomed themselves to use certain herbs or do some activities such as traditional dance, which had existed among West Indian tribes, or sacrifice for gods; modern dwellers have found new methods for a healthy life, however.
One obvious healthy way of living is to take some exercises and many people have managed to increase their lifetime even by a simple daily hike; nevertheless, physical activity is not the only way of staying healthy. Indeed, the foods, eating methods and time distances between meals play a key role for a healthy body. Most experts recommend having fresh vegetables and fruits everyday rather than greasy and oily foods which are fried in too much fat. Moreover, it is suggested that alcoholic and carbonated drinks and cigarette should be avoided due to the harms that these substances contain. In addition, since it takes about 20 minutes for brain to receive a message that an individual feels full, fast eating can lead to overeating and accumulation of fats. Therefore, I myself try to consume neither sugary nor greasy nourishment instead I would rather either baked or raw ones. Besides I walk for half an hour a day and try to eat apple. There is an old saying about it which says: “An apple a day, keeps a doctor away”; in fact, apples are consist of nutrients such as vitamin C, Anti-Oxidants (Anti-Histamine) etcetera which are vital for health and prevent sicknesses including cancers, digestion problems and allergic disease.
Apart from the eating habits and physical activities there is another way helping people to stay healthy in which I try to conform myself to as well. Actually, a healthy body includes a healthy brain; therefore, any attempt to harbor the mind means health. In other words people can guarantee themselves by averting unpleasant and evil thoughts which can be regarded as tiny sprits of a strong tree with potential of extension. Such stresses and ill imaginations can convince individuals to feel weak and depressed; hence, they lose their confidence and the brain send a quick signal which is accompanied by a stomachache, a headache, a fever etcetera. Personally I usually close my eyes, concentrate on brightest experiences of past, breathe deeply. Then start to say my prayers to God and feel the joy and calmness which are creeping into my heart gradually. This will not only influences my spirit but also affects my body thoroughly. Expressions such as a frown or an anxiety should be replaced by a smile and a laugh to stabilize good feelings and health all over the body.
To sum up, it can be mentioned that for owing the health, which is a bit remote, in addition to physical activities and eating habits spiritual issues should be considered as well. Indeed, the creation of God is in a way that both physical and spiritual matters are in conjunction with each other and they can present a perfect manner which is called health.