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Thread: Correct English

  1. lady c

    Correct English

    I am having a debate with someone at the moment ..this person has presented themselves as someone who can in no way tolerate bad spelling and or grammar yet at the same time i feel they are casting stones while living in glass houses. Could you please tell me if the below are correct.

    Sample number 1
    I find it hard to make excuses for adults concerning spelling and even grammar! Whenever I have gotten emails with spelling mistakes or poor grammar, it takes away from the impact of the message in my opinion!
    It is a BIG TURNOFF. Plain and simple.

    GOTTEN?? that a word?

    Sample number 2
    And before anyone says anything about the spelling of my anonymous handle? It is spelled this way for a certain reason.


    It is SPELLED this way for a ceertain reason??? SPELLED???

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    Re: Correct English

    gotten- used in American English
    spelled- alternative form of 'spelt'- some verbs can use -t or -ed

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