After reviewing the descriptions of the [ Job Title],I am writing to express my interest for[employer] and is thrilled at the idea of this opportunity and have enclosed a resume for your consideration.
I am a college graduate with a B.A Degree in Business administration. Like many graduates, I was eager to begin my career in finance after college. However, I realized that the job market was tough and competitive and instead of choosing the conventional route I elected to enroll in the C.F.A program, a graduate level self-study investment credential. To position myself for a better opportunity when the economy turns around, I undertook this difficult course and have already passed Level II of the C.F.A exam. Through this rigorous curriculum, it has supplemented and broadened my horizon in finance. It also demonstrated my commitment, integrity and competence in the investment profession. The program has equipped me with practical skills and expertise in the finance field to be a valuable asset in your company.
In addition to my educational accomplishments, I have been continuously employed part-time since high school displaying my strong work ethic and effective time management. Through the years I have cumulated a broad work experience ranging from lifeguarding, hood ventilation cleaning and inspecting, to interning at Citibank China. Furthermore I bring together with me working and studying abroad experience in a robust and dynamic place like Shanghai. While interning at Citi bank China, one of my responsibilities included performing an in-depth analysis and research of Basel III, a global regulatory framework that Citi bank was planning to transition into. My primary duty was to educate the members of the Operation & Control team on the general requirements of this policy. On a personal note, I want to start my professional career at your organization and help the company and myself grow.
I am confident that my enthusiasm, skills, and educational background would make me a strong candidate at your firm. I would enjoy speaking with you in person to explore the possibilities at {employer}.