topic: “One of the characteristics of a good leader is their ability to influence others. If you could have a conversation with a well-known leader or famous person, who has influenced you, who would it be and what would you talk about?”Rowing “Chinese boat” through waves and challenges, Hu Jintao-President of the People's Republic of China makes us really admire his talent and wisdom. However, because of his enormous influence, his decisions have also made the unforeseen implications. If having an opportunity talking with him, my question to him would be that China's recent military operations are sure to create instability in both the region and the world, but why do they keep going on? Is it just a measure to show off their power so as to cover up the unrest in his country?In my opinion, it’s clear that being a superpower country in the world, even so, China also revealed the remarkable limitations of the hot growth: corruption, the rich-poor gap widening, etc. For instance, the image of China was deteriorated when Transparency International-The global coalition against corruption says China has slipped to 75th position out of 183 countries (2011). Besides corruption, China is simultaneously facing the rapid increase in the gap between the rich and the poor in the recent years. The privatization from state-owned companies enables a few groups of people in China to become more and more wealthy. However, this number can’t be compared to the number of the poor. Furthermore, a report of China Publishing House said the income gap between urban and rural area of China in 2009 had been up to 3.3 times. In the other words, I can assert that Beijing's remarkable growth is not synonymous with social justice, prosperity and happiness. The ache of China like a chronic pain, which Hu Jintao and his political apparatus have to face with.Therefore, China needs THE MILITARY to hide the country's sickness! And, of course, "Development in peace" sheath of China was taken off. With the upgrading of the administrative unit "Sansha", China has sent a message of willingness to use weapons in the South China Sea. China is getting "ugly". The peace-loving messages of China would become ineffective when the current opinion only thinks of a too greedy China. This is also likely to bring a significant cautious attitude from other countries and lead to armed conflict in the South China Sea, where there is too much potential instability. Obviously once the words and actions are not consistent, China is at risk of becoming a shepherd boy that was lying about a fake wolf, losing the trust of the local villagers and finally his whole flock of sheep was eaten by wolves!For this reason, I would like to question Hu Jintao why he has chosen such a political way. Vietnam, the Philippines and China are neighbors; so why don't we just keep the peace and live in friendship? China should look at itself, look at the shortcomings to change. Don't cover up the inner turmoil but deal with it to build a country with sustainable development instead of a fast-growing but weak economy! Above all, in the position of a leader, Hu Jintao must have the wisest decisions to avoid the serial mistakes. Ambitions in the South China Sea may cause a loss of faith in the rationality and fairness and also destroy the fruits of the revolution having been achieved in the past. Hu Jintao should consider it carefully because all eyes are looking at him. Do not step in wrong direction of greedy and brutal imperialism. It isn’t too late to change!To summarize, I would like to reiterate that too big ambitions may become a double-edged sword which can harm China itself. Another point is that to be a leader, we have to consider before making decision to such a problem because sometimes, it affects not only the present but also the future generations.