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Hi Tdol thanks for your contribution

For several reasons :
First,my institute where I work in requires a grade A for promotion

A second reason is that because I am thinking of applying for universities in England in the field of philosophy
having grade A is a must.I have seen some institutes where they require grade A

About my speaking one of the my teacher, when he was interviewing with me for my CAE exam, said your speaking is by far better than the level of CAE but I know it is not that good to be qualified as grade B or A it is just C.

With regard to my writing, I have nothing to say but to put two of my writings here for you to take a look at.
No one has ever assessed my writing so I would be grateful if you could cast your eyes over it.Here it is:

Preserving Dolphins From Extinction
This report aims to voice great concern on the matter of ‘dolphins’ which are on the point extinction.Also,it intends to give a description of the animal beforehand followed by the reason for being on the brink of extinction and to recommend the necessary course of action to be taken.
· Dolphins
Dolphin are one the most beautiful sea animals which are some sight to see.They live in cold waters and are one of the necessary part of the food chain in cold waters.what is more,they live together and they are dependent on sea fauna for living.they have small beautiful fins at their tail and make a special sound to communicate. Above all,they have a kind spirit and get along with humans pretty well.
· Reasons for extinction
As indicated above,dolphin are seriously on the verge of distinction;reason being that excessive numbers of poachers and people in local areas are increasingly trying to haunt them owing to the fact that they can gain huge profits in the market afterwards.Secondly,due to the environmental problems such as water pollution and global warming they are forced to leave their own habitats.As a result, the food chain gets interrupted and many other kind of animals die too.
· Need for decisive course of action
In order to tackle the problem there are some suggestion which follow in order of priority:
1.In the first step,we need to have full knowledge of the distribution of the animal all around the different parts of the world and after achieving that to implement the essential planning programs to preserve the animals in their natural habitats.By making fences around some parts of the sea,for example.
2.Finally,a more intensive focus on increasing the society awareness of the dolphins can be immensely helpful,since they people can make a great contribution to the amendment of this appalling state of affairs ;by providing funds for environmentalists, for example.
· Logical conclusion
As far as animals’ protection is concerned,unless the preventative measures are taken,the world is going to lose one of the key elements of sustaining life on earth and it will end up to our disadvantage,let alone losing this gorgeous and beautiful creature .

Nowadays, we hear a lot about the controversial issue of homelessness ,accompanied by those
dire warnings about the consequences which threats the society. Are we really going to witness
a state in which house ownership has become so acute a problem that is irreversible?
Complex as it might seem, the problem is not much of a hurdle to tackle though the occurrence is

In the first stage, having been perceived enough evidence, it is highly likely that homelessness soon
becomes a widespread phenomenon all over the country. It stands to the reason that ineffective
policies implemented by government has made the prices increase stratospherically and consequently is
leading the society to the road of ultimate ruin. In addition, to add insult to the injury, due to the
economic recession that the whole country is suffering from ,it is rendering the country to be on the
verge of bankruptcy. As a consequence, it seems that the society is on the brink of facing the problems
even more than homelessness.

Having said that, there are enough courses of action which is possible to be taken.
By pragmatic cognizance, not enough has been done in terms of cost-effective construction.
That being the case,there must be new policies adopted so as to stop this practice of soaring home
prices which is making the individuals unable to pay for the rent,let alone buying their own house.
Secondly,as the economy is on the verge of collapse, all the austerity measures should be lifted so that
the entrepreneurs are more than willing to inject huge capital to the body of our economy.

All in all,as I have argued above, homelessness is an inevitable phenomenon in the very near future
and hardly can we escape from such a definite, catastrophic disaster unless we pay particular
attention to the crucially significant issue of homelessness.

Tdol please give me some advice.