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    Exclamation Could some please check my Motivation Letter

    Dear Admissions Officers,

    I am applying for entry to the Bachelor of Liberal of Artís Degree program in Social Science department at University College Utrecht. My purpose of this letter is to present my reasons for choosing your university and to provide my general background.

    First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is George and I was born and raised in Corfu, Greece. My father is Greek and my mother is a US citizen. Due to my mother I have been speaking English from a very young age. Since high school during the summertime, I have been working at our small family business at a tourist resort. Working at the family business has resulted in my being in continuous contact with people from every part of the world all summer long. Working helped me perfect my English and greatly developed my social skills since I constantly communicate with customers.

    I graduated from the 1st Vocational High School of Corfu in 2009 in the field of Business Administration. I then continued my Business Administration studies at the Institute of Vocational Training DOMI in Athens, Greece where I graduated in 2011. During my stay in Athens I decided to continue my studies abroad, I was searching for Universities and in summertime I applied for the Bachelor in Hotel Management program in Saxion University in Holland. I got accepted and moved to the Netherlands where I stayed for approximately one year. Due to lack of motivation from the study field I soon realized that business studies are not the profession I want to focus on and dedicate my future career.

    While searching for Universities in the Netherlands, and from my previous application I found out the Utrecht University is the leading University in the Netherlands, thus having the change to study in Utrecht University would be a great opportunity for me to study and experience what the University can offer. I wish to enroll in the Bachelor of Liberal Artís Degree program because I want to further my knowledge in this field. I am interested in this program as deeper knowledge of social, cultural, political and economic processes will certainly help with my future career.

    Due to the economic crisis that has been concerning Greece and Europe the last four years, I have been searching for answers and solutions for many problems that have been uncovered lately. During my research I realized and found out that most of the problems have been specifically created in order for specific people and organizations to profit from them. So I questioned myself and asked why are we forced to live the kind of life we are living if we know there are better ways for a more sustainable future for humankind and the environment, because not only we harm our selfís with the way of living but we also do an important damage to the environment. Social and environmental problems have been concerning and drawing my attention from my early childhood and while growing up my interest in those subjects was getting bigger and so and my thirst for knowledge and answers for the current situation. I want to focus on the Social Science Department and I am very interest in Sociology, Politics and Economics. From the Science Department I am interest in the Earth and Environment course.

    After graduating the Bachelor program I wish to continue for a masterís degree in Utrecht University which will mainly focus on sociology and environment. Furthermore I would like for my future career to focus on research and help to contribute for new and better standards of living.

    Thank you for considering my application and for your time.

    Yours Sincerely,
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