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    exploiting the environment

    What are the definitions of the two? I think "serve" means "to provide" and "exploiting" for "make best use of".
    What do you think?

    ex)It is possible to observe a basic and sometimes unexplainable division in the animal world. Some species crowd together and require physical contact with each other. Others avoid touching. No apparent logic governs the category into which a species falls. Curiously enough, closely related animals may belong to different categories. The great Emperor penguin is a contact species. It conserves heat through contact with its fellows in large groups. The smaller Adelie penguin is a non-contact species. Thus it is somewhat less adaptable to cold than the Emperor. Other functions served by contact behavior are unknown. One could guess that, since contact animals are more ‘involved’ with each other, their social organization and possibly their manner of exploiting the environment might be different from those of non-contact animals.

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    Re: exploiting the environment


    1. For "serve", see definition #4 serve - Definition from Longman English Dictionary Online.

    2. I agree with your interpretation of "exploiting".

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