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    Re: Hello!

    Also, you need to consider how you are holding the writing implement. It should be held by thumb and first finger, and resting on the middle finger. It must not be held too low down - about 1.5 cms up from the point is ok. If you watch an artist drawing, they will hold it even further back than that. [/QUOTE]

    Hi Anglika,

    This very good advice! Actually, I already tried this techniques before- the basics, but I think I can learn better if there's a demonstration cause I'm a visual learner than words and instructions only- sometimes it's even more frustrated me.

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    Re: Hello!

    At the end of the day, it always will come down to regular and persistent practice.

    However, here's a site which is about calligraphy: CALLIGRAPHY - GETTING STARTED AND A SHORT HISTORY OF WRITING

    Another one about learning italic writing:
    Quick results, easy work

    Another one with a video :
    Bills Videotape

    Hope you get there in the end!

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