Hi there,
I am learing the subject from Nick Riemer's Introducing Semantics and here I got confussed.

I can't understand the meaning as images. This is, to my knowledge, the idea that one's images can be very different from anybody else's images but the general concept of an imagination is kept. An example may probably be that we have got 3 different cars: Dacia, Fiat and Jeep.

Does these three cars have the same meaning? or there are as many meanings as denotations (so is 3)?

My second confussion is genus and differentia. After Nick Riemer's Introducing Semantics:
GD definition involves specifying the broader class to which the definiendum belongs

(often called the defi niendumís genus), and then showing the distinguishing
feature of the defi niendum (the differentia) which distinguishes it
from the other members of this broader class(what makes it different from other examples of the same sort).
Is the definition of dissapointed - "unhappy because something that you hoped for or expected did not happen or because someone or something was not as good as you expected" an example of GD?