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    Emotionally involved


    I have look out this phrase on the Internet and got feeling that it is used mostly in the context of relationships between a man and woman. The question here is may I use this expression when speaking about my job? For example, can I say, 'I tend to be emotionally involved into the work process' meaning that my interest towards the project are always at high level?
    If it is not correct, could you please give me your examples on how this expression can be used in the work context?

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    Re: Emotionally involved


    IMO it means that you're mixing your personal feelings with your present situation/job.

    One example I can think of comes from movies: the police negotiator during a bank heist with hostages is usually told not to get emotionally involved, that is, to not let his feelings for the hostages (especially if one of them is a relative) mix with the aim of his task: getting the attackers out of the bank, make no concessions even if they threaten to start killing the hostages...

    I hope I made it more or less clear!

    Please be aware that I'm neither a native English speaker nor a teacher.

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