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    a special affinity to the past?

    WIth retirement, and parents and sometimes spouses gone Brothers and sisters ofen turn back to each other for a specail affinity and link to the past.

    Here what does it mean by affinity to the past? I found several meanings about affinity, such as attraction, liking, relationship. But i am not sure what to apply for. Any suggestion? or is it possible for you to rephrase this sentence?

    Another question, what does it mean by since people are living longer and are healthier longer, they will be more capable of giving help.
    Here what does it mean by healthier longer?

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    Re: a special affinity to the past?

    The first could mean a special relationship (affinity) and a link to the past (two separate things). However, this would be clearer if the writer had use 'and a link'. If the two are taken together, then the link and affinity to the past would be the nostalgia for a shared past- in retirement, siblings rediscover bonds based on their bonds, whose roots are in the past. The second means that not only are people living longer, but the health problems of old age are starting later, so they enjoy better health for a longer time as well as living longer.

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